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Cheer program focuses on teaching skills that will be necessary for Jr. High and High School Cheerleading squads. We have seen hundreds of kids make their local squads! Tumbling classes focus on Cheer tumbling and jumps. Whereas, Competitive cheer focuses on cheer jumps, tumbling, dance, and mounting!




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Cheer Prep (ages 6 and up)

This class is designed to help students develop cheer skills such as tumbling, jumps, flexibility, and cheer motions. Students spend the majority of class time tumbling. The students also learn cheers and chants that incorporate class skills.

Tumbling I (ages 6 and up)

All tumbling classes are designed to help students develop their floor skills. Flexibility and strengthening is an important part of tumbling at any level. Tumbling I focuses on the fundamentals of Cartwheels, Round Offs, Handstands, Backbends, Rolls, Kickovers, Walkovers, and jumps.

Tumbling II (ages 6 and up)

A student must have attained all skills listed under Tumbling I in order to be approved for Tumbling II. The students allowed in this class are ready to work towards Backhand Springs, Fronthand springs, aerials, Round-off Back hand Springs, and back tucks.

Tumbling III (ages 6 and up)

Students must be able to do Round off back hand Springs in order to get into Tumbling III. This class is geared for the student who wants to work towards higher level tumbling such as multiple Back hand springs, tucks, halves and fulls.

Competitive Cheer Squad

Our grade school cheer squad (1st-6th) focuses on developing cheer skills that will be necessary for Jr. high and High School Cheerleading. Jumps, cheers, mounting, tumbling, and cheer dance are all taught to this squad. They attend one competition per year and do two additional public performances. This environment is very friendly and fun! The competition and the performances help the girls work towards a goal! Yet, stirkes a healthy balance by not placing undo pressure on them at a young age with multiple cheer competitions.












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