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Drama Team Class

This class focuses on learning how to use drama in communicating important issues. The drama team will travel to different churches to challenge people to walk according to God's Biblical principles. Blocking, acting, script writing, and learning dramatic styles of performance is the main focus of the class.
Each year, Adonai performs a large stage production. In addition, we offer drama camps for a variety of ages!

Stage Production

Our annual stage production is held in the month of June. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children of Adonai to build confidence in a famliy friendly Christian based production. It is performed in a broadway manner with a story line and a theme. Every child who wishes to participate is given an opportunity to perform a class routine incorporating skills learned in lessons. The production draws in 1200-1500 people in the community for a fun and entertaining evening! The production flows quickly and flies by within an hour and a half!

Drama Camp

Part of our summer camp program includes drama camp. The children who attend the camp learn script parts and action dramas to perform in the annual stage production! They also learn "behind the scene" aspects of a stage production, including set and stage crew development. Drama camp is for children ages 6 and up!












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